Words from the 2Man

Layne Shranz, Associate Pastor, Church of the Highlands


“A  2 Man or Woman is a son or daughter of the house.  As a son you think, act and speak like an Heir. I do a teaching that lists the qualities of being a son.” 

Odell Dickerson, COO, New Psalmist Baptist Church


”Giving it your best is not good enough for higher levels of success. Intentionality and strategy are the necessary ingredients to achieve extraordinary success!”

Elder Derrick Nobles, Chief of Staff, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International


“ I feel a lot of men or women don’t last long in these positions because of stress, burn-out, lack of appreciation, and no longer graced for the assignment.”

C.C. Harrison, COO, The City of Love Church


“I balance ministry and family life by preparing in advance with scheduling, organization, and delegation. I consciously make an effort to ͞be present͟ when I am with my family instead of taking work home as I did in the past. 

Pastor Lawrence Robinson, The Potters House


”My advice to a new 2man coming into the role Is to ask yourself these questions: *Can you work with a few? Can you walk in the night season? Can you walk while your leader rides? Can you walk with them when unsure of directions? Can you walk with them while being ridiculed? Can you be motivated to work with rubbish? Can you walk with them when they don’t disclose the directions?“

Phil Clemons, Faith Church


“I am not sure what type of training a 2Man needs as much as connections with people in the same position. Pastors are different but they are also very similar. Having people to bounce things off of or sometimes vent to is healthy.“

Pastor Olus Holder Jr, Executive Pastor, Fallbrook Church


“My word of advice that I would give to a spouse of a 2 is the understand that the whole church is now a part of your family … you have to be prepared to share your 

husband and/or wife with others many of whom that you may never come to know personally. Be prepared for sacrifice.”

Corbett Drew, Executive Director, Venue Church


”My advice for a new 2man coming into the role Is understanding that there are ALWAYS 1000 reasons why something won’t work. . . find the 1 way it can. God deserves our ingenuity, creativity, relentless pursuit of His heart. Don’t let your comfort become “brakes” that slow down God’s work.“

Abram Gomez, Executive & Campus Pastor, Cross Church


"As a Second in Command, you must be able to lead and follow in the same space.  The lion and the lamb must live inside the soul of the Second in Command. The boldness of a lion will be required to lead effectively, and yet the humility of the lamb is essential to understand the people you are leading."